Carer – QLD Gov’t

Your child has been diagnosed with FA, what next? Whether your child’s FA diagnosis was expected or a profound shock, your reaction to the news is yours alone.

You may react in a different way to your partner, family or support network. There’s no right or wrong way to feel. You may experience some profound emotions—relief, shock, anger, grief, loss, guilt.

Just as your reaction is yours alone, so is the journey your family will travel. Yes, there are other children with FA, but those children are not identical to yours—nor are their families.

Click here to visit a site developed by Queensland Government that’s a helpful starting point as you digest and process this news.

Carer Business Discount Card: Many of the same businesses that give pensioner discounts also give discounts to carers. A carer with a QLD address registered with Centrelink can apply online here.