Managing FA

So far, there’s neither specific treatment nor a cure for Friedreich Ataxia. However, through the dedicated work of teams of researchers worldwide whose funding is sponsored in large part by FARA and associated fundraising organisations, the signs are promising. To learn more about FARA and how you can support their fundraising efforts to support this work, visit their site here.

While we wait for treatments and a cure, there are things all FAers can and should do. FA is a progressive condition, but we can work to slow that progression so we’re in the best possible condition to take advantage of them when they do come.

First of all, because FAers are less mobile, it takes us longer to recover from illness than others, so make sure you keep all your immunisations up to date, get the ‘flu jab each year etc.

Secondly, for the same reason, it takes FAers longer to recover from injury, so do everything necessary to keep your surroundings safe. As the saying goes: “First of all, avoid a fall”. (There are links to Government aid here, including Home Assist Secure which provides financial assistance for handrails etc.).

Thirdly, be proactive. Eat and drink healthily, exercise, visit and practice physio etc. ┬áThere’s more on the specific pages under the “Managing FA” tab above.