When life gives you lemons… (or “Making the most…” part 2)

“When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. Then try to find someone whose life has given them vodka, and have a party!” (Ron White)

Ron White had the right idea. Having to deal with FA every day is an ongoing struggle but we FAers have no choice so a) we should find ways to make the best of our lives that we can, despite that struggle and b) we should find friends, carers and family who can help us make our situation better still!

Bob Bray sent me a few more suggestions in response to my last posting (thanks Bob!) But the basic premise is this: many things are set up or modified so people with a disability can participate. It may take us a bit longer, but we can do pretty much everything we want to when we set our minds to it!

NICAN administers a Carer Concession Card on behalf of Qantas. Discounts on Qantas domestic airfares are available to people with a disability and also to a carer who’ll fly with them. More info here.

I mentioned the Taxi Subsidy scheme last time and said the card works only in Queensland. Well if you’re planning travel interstate, you can write to them (Taxi Subsidy Unit, DTMR, PO Box 13347, Brisbane, QLD 4003) and they’ll send you vouchers that do the same job outside Queensland (50% discount up to $25 in any single trip). They’ll issue maximum 20 vouchers in a calendar year to any card holder. More info here or call 1300 134-755.

Many FAers suffer with sleep apnoea (disrupted breathing while sleeping) which is way more than a mere irritant, it’s dangerous. If you suspect that you suffer from sleep apnoea you should discuss it with your GP. The Queensland Government Sleep Disorders Program covers the rental cost for a sleep therapy device if it’s recommended you use one. There are eligibility criteria and you’ll need to be able to purchase your own accessories – more info here.

Final thought for now: as Luke Hemmings said: “When life gives you lemons, keep them because, hey, free lemons!”

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