Are you getting the most out of your disability? (part 1)

I’m sure we can all agree that being disabled sucks. However, there are some things available to lessen the suckiness a little and you should make sure you take advantage of any that are available to you. Any disability makes getting out a challenge and we tend to socialise less, go to entertainment less. But there are things available which can make our lives a bit easier. Here are some I’m aware of. If you know of others, let me know (in the comments below, on our Facebook page or by email – and I’ll make sure the info’s available to everyone.

VOSS is a scheme from the QLD government which provides subsidies to help people with disabilities drive, assistance with purchase and assistance with purchase, installation and learning to drive with hand controls. More info here.

Taxi Subsidy is a scheme from the QLD government whereby you apply for a card (based on a form that your GP needs to fill). That card entitles you to 50% off taxi fares in QLD (a QLD card doesn’t work in other states though). More info here.

Companion Card is a national scheme whereby most entertainment venues will allow the holder one additional “companion” ticket free. To your “companion” it might be a way to score a free ticket to an event but to you it’ll provide the reassurance of having someone who earns the right to be with you by providing assistance to get you to and from your seat safely. More info here.

Being “stuck at home” is an idea it’s relatively easy to believe in, but it doesn’t need to be. We should all take advantage of whatever’s available to us to stay mobile, stay social and above all, stay entertained!

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