Introduction to NDIS

Hello everyone, hope you are All doing well. I’m blogging about some of my experiences with the NDIS/NDIA in the hopes it can be a guideline and useful to even just one person. Everyone has a different experience, in no way am I telling anyone this is the way everyone should go about this, it’s just to offer assistance in your journey. First I will introduce myself to anyone that doesn’t know me personally. My name is Karen Townsend, and I am originally from Brooklyn New York, although I have also lived in New York City, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Florida. I moved to Australia almost 13 years ago after marrying my husband, who is Australian, and I have been here ever since. I have Late Adult onset FA, and I was diagnosed at the age of 32. Living so far away from home has been challenging because I obviously miss my family and friends very much, but I absolutely love living in Australia with my new friends and family, and I have no regrets. I’m currently living in Brisbane Queensland. The NDIS is relatively new to my area by only a few years, so everyday is still a learning process. On this note, let’s get into it.

As with anything new, sometimes we get stuck in a routine because we don’t know, or we simply don’t realise that we actually do have choices. I fell into this, and I put up with a lot because I thought I had to. I’m here to tell you that you don’t! It’s your choice, your plan, and you have to be comfortable in your plan! I’m not going to mention names or agencies, I’m not here to shame anyone. Just because I might have had a bad experience with a company, doesn’t mean you will, but we might have similar experiences. And a lot of companies are also new in dealing with the NDIS/NDIA, so they are also still learning as well.

I would like to address the three different types of plans. There is NDIA managed, and it’s just that. If you choose this way to set up your plan, you don’t have too much of a say as to what providers you are able to use because every aspect is handled directly through the NDIS/NDIA. I’m not overly familiar with this type of plan because I am plan managed, so that is basically the plan I will be talking about. The other plan Is self managed. In self managed plans there is a lot more freedom and leeway, but it is a lot more work because you or a family member has to manage everything from the money, to picking providers, and arranging everything from therapy. Again I’m not very well versed in self managed plans, but luckily we have Terry O’Hanlon that self manages, and he will also be blogging about this type of plan as well.

I will be jumping into some issues that I have had in my next blog, so please be on the lookout for that over the next few days or so. I’m hoping to submit a blog every month or so, maybe more depending on if I run into issues or not! Until next time, please remain safe out there and remember that you are not alone in your journey!

Sincerely, Karen Townsend

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